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Can I bring my old telephone number with me?

Our customers are often able to keep their telephone number subject to a £15 administration charge. Once the application is made the charge will be payable. In the event that seethelight is unable to use the number this admin charge is still payable.

Can I choose my telephone number?

We do not offer a choice of telephone number at this time.

How do I check the cost of a call before I ring the number?

To check how much individual numbers costs you can view our tariff document here.

How do I activate or deactivate Voicemail on my telephone?

Just dial 1571 to access the voicemail menu; you will then hear a series of instructions that tell you how to listen to your messages, change your voicemail greeting, or change your voicemail password.

If there’s a message waiting for you, you will hear an interrupted dial tone when you pick up the telephone. Your voicemail will store up to 30 messages and old messages are automatically deleted after 20 days. You will receive a warning when your voicemail is full via a recorded message when you dial 1571.

How do I turn the service on?

To divert incoming calls to your voicemail when no answer.

To divert incoming calls to your Voicemail when no answer

I have received a credit limit notification from seethelight, what should I do?

seethelight apply a credit limit to all our customer's accounts, in order to protect you from high call charges due to phone-based scams. If you reach or exceed this credit limit your phoneline may be suspended to prevent you incurring any further call charges.

You will still be able to receive incoming calls and your access to contact the emergency services will not be restricted. You can view a summary of your unbilled calls in the Your Calls section of your seethelight account.

If you need to use your phoneline, you can make a payment to reactivate your services. Please be aware that your services may be suspended again, if you exceed your credit limit before your next bill is produced.